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The Definitive Guide to Hiring a Brain Injury Attorney

Brain Injury survivors now have a free resource available to them BEFORE they speak to an attorney. If you or a loved one have sustained a TBI and are in need of legal services, read this book first. This is a free book brought to you by Rozek Law Offices.


For brain injury victims (and their families) who feel overwhelmed by the attorney hiring process … this book was created to assist you in your search for finding the best brain injury attorney for your case.

Traumatic brain injury can range from mild (concussion) to severe (coma), but regardless of the initial severity of the brain injury, the legal process that follows can be frustrating and overwhelming to the victim and their loved ones. The ongoing symptoms following brain injury (headaches, fatigue, vertigo, visual disturbance, sleep difficulties, depression, anxiety, word-finding difficulties, etc.) all contribute to the frustration.

That’s why I wrote The Definitive Guide to Hiring a Brain Injury Attorney. The 46-page guide is designed to help you understand personal injury lawyer advertisements, contracts, fee structures, and how to make an informed decision when choosing a lawyer.

Now, let me be clear …

The information you’re about to read is “none of your business” – at least that’s what some attorneys want you to believe.

For example, did you know that some attorneys advertising on TV almost never step inside a courtroom? And that insurance companies love these lawyers because they often accept “lowball” settlement offers, resulting in smaller settlements.

And that’s just the beginning …

Inside The Definitive Guide to Hiring a Brain Injury Attorney, you’ll also discover …

  • The easiest ways to identify misleading attorney ads so you don’t get scammed. I also give you the 16 most common phrases that potentially suspicious attorneys use to lure innocent targets.
  • How to know if an attorney is putting you in the best position to settle for the highest amount possible (i.e., recovery for all harms/losses and compensation for the most favorable future treatment).
  • The best defense against falling victim to an attorney who has little experience handling traumatic brain injury cases and is likely to turn your case over to a paralegal or, worse yet, a secretary with little legal knowledge. (HINT: As mentioned earlier, some lawyers who advertise on TV hide secrets that can lead to unfair settlements. I explain how to avoid these traps.)
  • 4 ways to ensure your treating physician medically documents all symptoms following a brain injury. This step – which far too many attorneys overlook – is especially critical when using a primary care physician who has minimal experience in addressing common symptoms following an injury to the brain.
  • Why you should be suspicious of any attorneys who want you to visit their office (often for a free consultation), instead of sending you written material to help with your attorney search. You’ll also see why a “quick” settlement promise should raise a red flag.
  • Why some brain injury survivors receive more favorable healthcare and rehabilitation treatment, even if they lack insurance coverage. You might be surprised to know this favored status comes down to a simple request made by your attorney.

And much more.

You’ll also get a 57-point brain injury symptom checklist and a 21-question cheat sheet for interviewing prospective attorneys.

Remember, you only have one chance to get full recovery for all of your harms and losses.

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Yours truly,

Randy Rozek, Esq.