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Another great mobile tool I have come across that can help injury victims track their chronic pain to better communicate with their doctors.

The description below is written by the publisher Chronic Stimulation, LLC :

Chronic Pain is one of the most pervasive and most costly diseases in the World. Millions of people suffer with chronic pain and its insidious symptoms. For sufferers, it is critical to their medical care that they can effectively communicate the nature of their pain to their doctors. This is a difficult challenge since pain is one of the most subjective and personal experiences humans face.

Chronic Pain Tracker has been designed to improve the Patient-to-Doctor exchange of pain information. Using Pain Tracker, the patient can monitor three key pain metrics: pain intensity, location, and description. Sufferers of Chronic Pain know that each of these metrics can change day to day, or even hour to hour. This can make diagnosis and treatment of pain symptoms more challenging since patients most commonly describe their pain based on their most recent experience rather than using an evaluative process to statistically describe the typical pain symptoms being experienced.

Capturing Pain Data

With Chronic Pain Tracker, the user regularly makes a Pain Entry in the application. Depending on their needs/preferences, this may be once a day, or once every few hours. The entry process is designed to be intuitive and quick, while still capturing the necessary details about their pain. The following data points are captured for each entry:
Timestamp – this date/time marker is automatically generated by the application with no user interaction required.
Pain Level – using the familiar visual pain scale, the user selects their current pain level from 0 to 10
Pain Location – simply tapping on the body sections defines where the pain is being felt
Pain Descriptions – the user can select one or more adjectives in the table that best define the pain they are feeling
General Comments – the user has the option to provide any other details/information desired for the entry

Chronic Pain Tracker Lite is capable of tracking a maximum of 10 pain entries. This would, for example, provide 1.5 weeks worth of daily entries. Download the full Chronic Pain Tracker version for unlimited database entries.

Pain Analysis & Summary

With Pain Tracker, a user can automatically consolidate pain entries for a given time period and statistically analyze those entries. The application includes a series of pre-define reports such as “Last 7 days”, “Last 30 days”, etc. but also allows the user to define their own start and end dates for the analysis.

For more information on Chronic Pain Injuries.

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