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ScooterThe large rise in gas prices a few years ago combined with the economic downturn has resulted in people seeking ways to save money and cut expenses. One of the most practical solutions involved cutting back on transportation expenses which has resulted in a marked increase in the popularity of scooters in Wisconsin. Scooters are an excellent economical alternative to gas guzzling cars and trucks.

Wisconsin has also become the 49th state to enact mandatory automobile insurance and that has many scooter riders upset. It seems that the legislature has not done anything to exempt scooters from the mandatory insurance coverage law.

Wisconsin law considers scooters vehicles. This obviously means scooters in Wisconsin are subject to the same rules of the road as all other motor vehicles, but it also means they are required to carry the same amount of minimum insurance, which is now $50,000 of liability coverage and $15,000 of property damage coverage per scooter.

Some lawmakers have admitted they failed to create an exception to the mandatory insurance coverage laws for scooters. Hopefully, they will act soon to at least adjust the property damage limit of liability downward.

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