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brain injury attorney milwaukeeA ward sister from the Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Birmingham recently stated that she has been helping patients through board games on their path to recovery. The university hospital in Birmingham recently bought a wide range of different board games for a variety of ages. They wanted to help patients on the road to recovery.

Claire Lynch, one of the workers at the hospital, said that they have already seen a significant impact on the patients who have used the games. Some of the games that you will find here include Snakes and Ladders and word matching games. The word matching games can help the patients with object and speech recognition. Lynch says that the new approach started because they noticed that many of the individuals who were suffering from a brain injury all faced a common challenge, even if the injuries were still different. With the games, they can encourage patients to follow the rules, recognize specific patterns and make decisions based on the information they receive.

This goes to show that board games have never been a waste of time. In fact, they help with motor skills, speech and memory, and this becomes especially useful for victims of TBI. How have board games made a dramatic improvement? First, it increases the patients’ attention spans, and it gives them the ability to perform simple tasks. With these games, they also improve their short-term memory, which can help to ignite the rehabilitation process, even if they remain in a hospital setting.

Using the hospital’s charity money, they purchased a DVD player, computer tablet and games. You might be thinking, “This seems unrelated, why would they buy that?” well, it helps to keep the patients engaged, and it can help to eliminate frustration so that the games do not feel as serious. However, it still has a dramatic impact. With other exercises, Lynch reports that the patients who have a TBI will often become annoyed or confused easily. When it feels more like fun, they have less likelihood of feeling that frustration.

Some people believe that they cannot play because of a head injury. Nevertheless, research suggests that when you challenge the brain and work hard with it, you improve your cognitive function and mental fatigue. Another great thing about playing board games for individuals who suffer from a TBI? It also helps brain injury patients to learn how to socialize with other people because you need other people to play a board game. In addition, you also have the enjoyment that will always exist with it.

While there are still opponents of this approach who believe that it has little impact, if you combine it with regular treatment, it can help to make normal treatment feel less frustrating. In addition, if you look at the stories of TBI patients who said board games and video games helped them, it becomes more difficult to deny the positive impact that these games have on people. When you are enjoying something through play, you are less likely to give up, so even if the impact was smaller, it can still help with rehabilitation.

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