wisconsin-pro-hac-vice-admissionRozek Law Offices oftentimes serves as local counsel for out-of-state attorneys and law firms seeking justice on behalf of Wisconsin injury victims. As we have experience handling cases throughout the United States, we understand how important it is to find experienced, competent local counsel.

Wisconsin has a process for admitting out-of-state attorneys referred to as Pro Hac Vice admission. Pro Hac Vice admission is admission to practice before an individual tribunal for an individual case. In Wisconsin, judges have discretionary authority in determining whether to allow an out-of-state attorney to be admitted to practice law on a particular case.

The Wisconsin Supreme Court Rules SCR 10.03(4) governs the Pro Hac Vice admission and state the following:

"A judge in this state may allow a nonresident counsel to appear in his or her court and participate in a particular action or proceeding in association with an active member of the state bar of Wisconsin who appears and participates in the action or proceeding. Permission to the nonresident lawyer may be withdrawn by the judge granting it if the lawyer by his or her conduct manifests incompetency to represent a client in a Wisconsin court or by his or her unwillingness to abide by the rules of professional conduct for attorneys and the rules of decorum of the court."

The proper procedure for Wisconsin Pro Hac Vice admission for out-of-state attorneys varies by jurisdiction, state or federal court, and by venue in state court.

If your case is venued in Milwaukee County Circuit Court, then the following forms are provided for Pro Hac Vice admission:

Rozek Law Offices serves as local counsel in differing capacities, depending on the needs of the particular out-of-state counsel. While we do prefer to work on a contingent fee basis, occasionally, when very minimal legal work is required, we offer different billing options.

We Handle Pro Hac Vice Admissions Throughout Wisconsin, including the following:

Please feel free to contact Rozek Law Offices if you are an out-of-state attorney seeking Wisconsin Pro Hac Vice Admission.