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Brain Injury Attorney Randy Rozek, founder of Rozek Law Offices, SC with offices in Madison and Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

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We found Randy to be very professional, caring, and results-oriented. He had the knowledge necessary to help our case settle successfully. He was diligent in always “going the extra mile” to make sure that all aspects of our cases were discovered. — Mr. and Mrs. R.A

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I would recommend Randy Rozek to anyone who is looking for a Personal Injury Attorney because he Works your case and Wins. You don’t get lost in the crowd. Randy is Responsive, Timely, Organized, Insightful and has an Outstanding Legal Mind. Attorney Rozek has an INCREDIBLE WORK ETHIC and always is Professional. Fortunately, for my Case Randy found an area that the big name/most respected Milwaukee Law Firm overlooked. He presents all the options and consistently shares all details regarding your Case and how they can effect the outcome. If you are fortunate enough to have Randy take your Case, you are in the best hands Milwaukee Attorneys have to offer.

Kindness, confidence, & compassion

Randy walked us through this journey with kindness, confidence and compassion. We were scared and vulnerable but he gave the hope we needed. He kept us updated and made us feel included throughout the entire process. We are very happy with our decision to hire Attorney Rozek, who ultimately won our case for us and helped us to regain our strength and confidence.

Rozek Law Offices – Making Communities More Safe

Rozek Law Offices is a Milwaukee personal injury law firm devoted to representing those who have been injured. The practice is limited to representation of people that have sustained serious injuries as a result of negligent or wrongful conduct. Rozek Law Offices’ ultimate goal is a safer society. The law firm passionately believes that negligent parties should be held fully accountable for the consequences of their carelessness or intentional disregard for the safety of others. Full accountability requires Rozek Law Offices to recover all of their client’s harms and losses to the fullest extent, which also helps to put the injury victim back on the road to recovery, both medically and financially. It is the firm’s hope that full accountability of the negligent person or company will deter such careless conduct in the future.  Rozek Law Offices’ comprehensive approach to the full development of their client’s harms and losses results in satisfied clients.

Attorney Randy Rozek

The most important decision injury victims are faced with following their accident, is their choice of the right lawyer for their case. When you hire Rozek Law Offices, you are hiring Randy Rozek to handle your case from start to finish. As an experienced personal injury lawyer, Randy Rozek is uniquely skilled with expert knowledge of the medicine and of the law. He has a long record of successful outcomes in personal injury cases. He is a respected leader in the field, receiving referrals from former clients, doctors, judges and other lawyers. Randy is also routinely asked to teach other lawyers around the country how to successfully represent personal injury victims..

Attorney Rozek also intentionally limits the number of clients he represents at any one time in order to guarantee his clients get the best representation possible. So if you chose to hire Rozek Law Offices and Randy agrees to represent you, then you can be sure that you will receive the personal representation of Randy Rozek throughout the process. You will not be passed off to another attorney with little or no experience.

Traumatic Brain Injury Victim Representation

Randy Rozek is a well-respected member and leader in many national legal organizations, with a particular emphasis in the representation of brain injury victims. Along with owning and managing his own Wisconsin personal injury law firm, Randy is Of Counsel to the Brain Injury Law Group – a national law firm dedicated to advocating on behalf of traumatic brain injury victims and their families. The representation of brain injury victims can be uniquely challenging and requires a tremendous amount of an attorney’s time, patience and resources. It should not be left to an attorney or law firm without a clear understanding of the challenges faced in the representation of brain injury victims. A law firm representing brain injury victims must be willing to limit the number of clients they represent at any one time as it is simply not possible to provide the necessary amount of time, attention and resources to a high number of brain injury victims. Brain injury victims and their attorneys must understand that these cases can be complicated and cannot be handled with one simple telephone call.

Randy has experience obtaining settlements and verdicts for brain injury victims across the spectrum, from concussion (mild traumatic brain injury) to coma (severe traumatic brain injury). Randy understands that each brain injury victim is impacted differently by their injury and regardless of the initial severity of the head injury, any type of traumatic brain injury can result in long term disability.