Hip Injury Lawyer in Wisconsin

hip injury attorneyThe Hip Joint is a ball and socket joint joining the thigh bone and the pelvis bone. The Hip Joint is medically known as the Acetabulofemoral Joint. The Hip refers to this general area of the body and a Hip Injury can refer to any type of injury to this part of the body. The Hip is made up of bones, tendons, ligaments, muscle and bursa, all of which are susceptible to injury from trauma.

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Hip Injuries take a tremendous toll on the US population in terms of dollars spent on the cost of care and missed work due to the injury and rehabilitation process. Furthermore, Hip Injuries in the elderly often result in the need for transfer to a nursing home and full assistive care, due to the loss of mobility.

Causes of Hip Injuries

The most common cause of Hip Injuries are Falls. However, Car Accidents, Truck Accidents, Motorcycle Accidents, Pedestrian Accidents, and Bicycle Accidents also account for many hip injuries.

Wisconsin Hip Injury Attorney

While we have offices in Milwaukee and Madison, we handle hip injury cases that happen throughout Wisconsin.

A Hip Fracture or Broken Hip usually refers to a break of the Femur bone, near the Hip Joint. There are three types of Femur Fractures typically classified as Hip Fractures:
hip bones fracture

  • Femoral Head Fracture – a beak in the ball at the end of the Femur
  • Femoral Neck Fracture – a break in the neck of the Femur, in between the ball and the thigh bone
  • Subtrochanteric Fracture – a break in the shaft of the Femur

Other areas of the Pelvis are also commonly fractured, including the following:

  • Sacrum Fracture
  • Ilium Fracture
  • Ischium Fracture
  • Pubic Bone Fracture
  • Pubic Symphysis Fracture
  • Acetabulum Fracture
  • Foramen Fracture
  • Obturator Fracture
  • Coccyx Fracture

Hip Fracture or Broken Pelvis – Treatment

Treatment for a Broken Hip or Broken Pelvis will generally depend on the severity of the Fracture. Femur Fractures usually require surgical repair, which can include the implantation of a metal plate and screws, or even a total Hip Replacement Surgery. Hip Surgery is always risky and involves extensive periods of immobility oftentimes followed by long periods of strengthening and rehabilitation, including physical therapy. The vast majority of Hip Fractures or Pelvis Fractures due to trauma result in limited mobility, a decline in quality of life, loss of earning capacity, the need for future care, and permanent functional impairment.

Hip Ligament Injury – Hip Tendon Injury – Hip Bursa Injury

hip ligament tendon bursa

Hip Ligament Injury

Any of the Hip Ligaments can be torn or sprained as a result of trauma. Some of the common Hip Ligament Injuries are the following:

  • Ligamentum Teres Tear or Sprain
  • Iliofemoral Ligament Tear or Sprain
  • Ischiofemoral Ligament Tear or Sprain
  • Pubofemoral Ligament Tear or Sprain
  • Sacrotuberous Ligament Tear or Sprain

Hip Tendon Injury

The most common Hip Tendon Injury is an injury to the Iliotibial Band, which runs along the outside of the Femur from the Hip to the Knee.

Hip Labral Injury

The Hip Labrum or Acetabular Labrum is a thin but strong band of fibrocartilage surrounding the Acetabulum, which helps to hold the ball of the Femur in the socket of the Acetabulum. A Hip Labrum Tear can result in significant instability in the Hip Joint and often requires surgical repair.

Hip Bursa Injury

A Bursa is a liquid-filled sac that lubricates areas around bones, muscles and tendons. The primary purpose of the Bursa is to reduce friction within the body. Pain secondary to a Hip Bursa Injury is termed Bursitis.

The three major Hip Bursa Injuries are the following:

  • Greater Trochanteric Bursitis
  • Iliopsoas Bursitis
  • Ischial TuberosityBursitis

Hip Bursitis can be very painful because nearly everything movement can result in extreme pain. Oftentimes, sitting or laying down can also cause pain to the injured Bursa.

Contact an Experienced Wisconsin Hip Injury Attorney

Each year innocent victims suffer Wisconsin Hip Injuries as a result of the carelessness of another. It is critical that Hip Injury victims have an attorney that understands Hip Injuries and the potential ongoing problems that can result from Hip Fractures, Hip Ligament Injuries, Hip Tendon Injuries, Hip Labral Tears and Hip Bursa Injuries.

If you or a loved one has sustained a Hip Injury due to the negligence of another, be sure to contact an experienced Wisconsin Hip Injury Attorney.