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The Sternum, more commonly known as the Breastbone or Chest Bone, connects the Sternum and the Ribs in the center of the chest area. The Sternum consists of three separate flat bones that move together:

Manubrium – the top part of the Sternum, connecting the Clavicle to the chest as well as the top two sets of ribs

Body of the Sternum – the main part of the Sternum connecting seven ribs to the chest

Xiphoid Process – the bottom part of the Sternum

The Sternum protects vital organs from trauma, including the heart and lungs.

The Sternum also contains several joints, ligaments, nerves, cartilage, blood vessels and muscles, all susceptible to injury from trauma. Sternum Injuries were once relatively uncommon, until the advent of the automobile, when Sternum Injuries became much more prevalent.

Sternum Fracture

Sternum Fractures are relatively rare and usually require some type of direct blunt trauma to the Chest or Sternum. Sternum Fractures can occur as a result of Car Accidents, normally when the automobile driver’s chest impacts with the steering wheel. Commonly, Sternum Fractures also involve Rib Fractures and other serious injuries internal injuries.

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Symptoms of Sternum Fracture

Pain is the primary complaint following Sternum Fracture. Typically, victims of Sternum Fractures have a difficult time doing any type of simple movement or bodily function, even breathing can cause excruciating pain. The individual should be able to actually feel the broken bone. The victim may also notice a clicking sound (Crepitus) when moving, which is the the ends of the broken bones rubbing together. Bruising, swelling and limited range of motion may also be present following Sternal Fracture.

Many times Sternum Fractures are not properly diagnosed immediately following an accident because the pain in the Sternum may be masked by more severe pain elsewhere in the body or more serious injuries, such as head injuries.

Treatment of Sternum Injuries

The treatment of a Sternum Fracture can be difficult because Sternum Fractures are usually Comminuted Fractures, meaning the bones of the Sternum are usually broken into many pieces and oftentimes have to be surgically removed. The severity of other injuries can also making treatming the Sternum Fracture difficult.

Sternum Fracture can include the following:

  • Immobilization
  • Physical Therapy
  • Massage Therapy
  • Ultrasound
  • Pain Medication and Muscle Relaxants
  • Surgery

Oftentimes, the pain and lack of range of motion will resolve with immobilization or bed rest. However, if an individual is still experiencing pain 12 weeks following a Sternum Fracture, this could be an indication that the bone is not healing properly and the patient should report this ongoing pain to their physician.

Complications Following Sternum Fracture

Complications following Sternum Fracture can include the following:

  • Nonunion of the Sternum Bone – the bone fails to join together following the fracture
  • Misalignment of the Sternum Bone – the bone joins in an inappropriate manner

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Each year innocent victims suffer Wisconsin Sternum Injuries as a result of the carelessness of another. It is critical that Sternum Injury victims have an attorney that understands Sternum Injuries and the potential ongoing problems that can result from Sternum Fractures.

If you or a loved one has sustained a Sternum Injury due to the negligence of another, be sure to contact an experienced Wisconsin Sternum Injury Attorney.