Milwaukee Wisconsin Personal Injury Law Firm Rozek Law Offices represents individuals against large corporations and insurance companies. Rozek Law Offices is unique in the sense that they intentionally limit the number of clients they represent at any one time. Many Wisconsin law firms do not limit their caseload and instead do just the opposite. However, Rozek Law Offices limits their representation in two ways. One, they only represent clients that have been involved in certain types of Wisconsin accidents, and two, they only represent clients that have sustained serious Wisconsin injuries.

The overall goal of Rozek Law Offices is to do as much good for each individual client as possible. Representing everyone that would like their help is just not possible because it would not allow them to give each of their clients their most dedicated and focused effort. It is their focus on specific types of accident cases, specific types of injuries, and intentionally limiting their caseload, that separates Rozek Law Offices from most other Wisconsin personal injury lawyers.

Rozek Law Offices is not the typical personal injury law firm. We do not take every personal injury case that we receive. Each year, our law firm accepts a very limited number of serious injury cases from the people who ask us to represent them. We offer individualized service. We do not allow our paralegals and/or legal assistance to negotiate our cases with insurance companies or liable parties. We take the time to get to know each of our clients well. By limiting the number of active cases, we are able to provide individualized, specialized, and personalized time for you. If your case is accepted, we will provide you with personal attention and aggressively represent you. Together, we will decide on the best strategy for your case.

Rozek Law Offices does not solicit to accident victims. We do not send unsolicited mail to individuals who may have been injured in a recent car or other type of accident. Rather, we believe in providing resources and knowledge to those injury victims that want to understand their rights and request such information. Our firm uses the most current technological means to distribute information to the public including a high-tech website, blogs, newsletter, question and answer webinars, social media, and community adds.