This page is designed to provide practical assistance to individuals involved in Wisconsin Personal Injury Accidents due to the negligence of another.

When choosing an accident lawyer, it is critical that you hire an experienced Wisconsin personal injury lawyer. You should be comfortable with your lawyer’s experience handling the particular type of Wisconsin Personal Injury Accident in which you have been involved. Click Here to Contact an Experienced Wisconsin personal injury attorney.

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Our office has provided information regarding the different types of Wisconsin Personal Injury Accidents that we have experience handling.

Wisconsin Accident Attorney – Randy Rozek

Investigation of Wisconsin Personal Injury Accidents

The first step in all Wisconsin Personal Injury Accident Claims is the investigation. A thorough investigation of the facts leading to the accident, the accident itself, and prior similar accidents, is critical. Our network of nationally-recognized experts in a variety of different fields sets us apart from other Wisconsin personal injury law firms.

Thorough investigations lead to the ability to prove negligent conduct in a systematic, undeniable way. Oftentimes, our investigators discover information about an individual or company that can eventually lead to punitive damages against the at-fault individual or company.

Note: Oftentimes, it is critical that a thorough investigation is conducted within hours or days of the accident. In some circumstances, crucial evidence may be lost or destroyed without an immediate investigation. Many at-fault companies gain an advantage over injured persons because they immediately investigate accidents that they have caused.

Establishing Liability in Wisconsin Personal Injury Accidents

Once your attorney is confident that a thorough investigation is conducted, then your attorney can begin formulating concepts on how to establish that the at-fault party is liable for the accident. Your attorney will also determine interesting ways to illustrate key elements of the investigation for a jury. Juries today must be entertained during trial or they will lose attention. At Rozek Law Offices we use cutting edge technology in all aspects of our clients’ cases. Jurors and judges have complimented us in many of our past cases based upon our effective use of technology in the courtroom. This has also been reflected in the verdicts we have received.

Note: When interviewing potential lawyers for your case, be sure to ask them about their familiarity with the use of courtroom technology. Most attorneys with such experience, will gladly provide you a demonstration on the spot.