Personal Injury Claims Lawyer in Wisconsin

Rozek Law Offices is devoted to assisting those who have sustained Wisconsin personal injuries. We have written four books to help people protect their rights following an injury and to help them avoid jeopardizing their personal injury claims. We offer the books free of charge to all Wisconsin injury victims.We are currently offering Wisconsin accident or injury victims free copies of the following books:

Wisconsin Personal Injury Claims Attorney

While we have offices in Milwaukee and Madison, we handle personal injury claim cases that happen throughout Wisconsin.

Brain Injury survivors now have a free resource available to them BEFORE they speak to an attorney. If you or a loved one have sustained a TBI and are in need of legal services, read this book first. This is a free book brought to you by Rozek Law Offices.

Inside The Definitive Guide to Hiring a Brain Injury Attorney, you’ll discover …

  • The easiest ways to identify misleading attorney ads so you don’t get scammed. I also give you the 16 most common phrases that potentially suspicious attorneys use to lure innocent targets.
  • How to know if an attorney is putting you in the best position to settle for the highest amount possible (i.e., recovery for all harms/losses and compensation for the most favorable future treatment).
  • The best defense against falling victim to an attorney who has little experience handling traumatic brain injury cases and is likely to turn your case over to a paralegal or, worse yet, a secretary with little legal knowledge. (HINT: As mentioned earlier, some lawyers who advertise on TV and display multiple office locations hide secrets that can lead to unfair settlements. I explain how to avoid these tricks.)
  • 4 ways to ensure your treating physician medically documents all symptoms following a brain injury. This step – which far too many attorneys overlook – is especially critical when using a primary care physician who has minimal experience in addressing common symptoms connected to brain injuries.
  • Why you should be suspicious of any attorneys who want you to visit their office (often for a free consultation), instead of sending you written material to help with your attorney search. You’ll also see why a “quick” settlement promise should raise a red flag.
  • How a “no-fee-unless-you-win” promise can end up costing you thousands of dollars – even if you lose your case. In fact, you’ll see how this scenario can sometimes result in you getting sued after your case closes.
  • Why some brain injury survivors receive more favorable healthcare and rehabilitation treatment, even if they lack insurance coverage. You might be surprised to know this favored status comes down to a simple request made by your attorney.

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Auto Accidents in Wisconsin

A Consumer’s Guide to Auto Accidents in Wisconsin

This Guide provides victims of Wisconsin Auto Accidents with the information they need following Auto Accidents in Wisconsin. The Auto Accident Guide will teach you the four fundamental elements of all Wisconsin personal injury claims involving a car accident injury. The guide walks the reader through all steps of the process following a Wisconsin Auto Accident, beginning with the property damage claim and continuing through the personal injury portion of the claim. Some the Guide’s chapters include the following:

  • 4 Elements of Every Personal Injury Case
  • Answers to Common Questions Following Your Wisconsin Auto Accident
  • Property Damage Claims
  • 5 Things That Should Be Done After Every Wisconsin Auto Accident
  • Importance of Choosing the Right Personal Injury Attorney in Wisconsin

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Personal Injury Claims in Wisconsin

This book was written with to provide the Wisconsin personal injury victim with useful information. If you were injured in Wisconsin, then you have rights and this book will help you to protect those rights. You will learn the following:

  • Background About Personal Injury Claims in Wisconsin
  • Common Myths About Personal Injury Claims
  • 40 Arguments Insurance Companies Use to Diminish Your Claim
  • 10 Common Mistakes That Can Ruin Your Personal Injury Case
  • What Do We Do for You in a Personal Injury Case
  • Why Hire a Personal Injury Lawyer and Why We are Different

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Choosing a Personal Injury Lawyer in Wisconsin

This book will teach you how to understand the Wisconsin personal injury system, Wisconsin personal injury lawyers, and Wisconsin personal injury lawyer advertising. You will learn the following:

  • 10 Common Myths about Wisconsin Personal Injury Lawyers Dispelled
  • The Rules for Lawyer Advertising in Wisconsin
  • The Real Meaning Behind Wisconsin Lawyer Fees and Retainer Agreements
  • The Importance of Choosing the Right Wisconsin Injury Lawyer from the Beginning of Your Case and Why Wisconsin is Different than Most Other States
  • A Step-by-Step Process for Hiring the Right Wisconsin Injury Lawyer for Your Case

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If you need immediate answers to questions regarding your Wisconsin personal injury claim, contact Rozek Law Offices for a free consultation.