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The human body consists of 12 sets of Ribs or 24 Ribs in total. The primary purpose of the Ribs is to protect the body’s vital organs from injury during blunt force trauma.

The full set of Ribs is also referred to as the Rib Cage or Thoracic Cage. Anatomically the Ribs are numbered from 1 through 12, going from top to bottom. All 12 ribs are attached to the spine at the thoracic vertebrae. The top 7 ribs also attached to the chest at the Sternum.

Rib Injuries can also be quite painful and nagging because the Ribs move with every breath. Therefore, Rib Injuries can cause excruciating pain with every breath.

Blunt Trauma is by far the most common cause of Rib Injuries. Until the advent of automobile, Rib Injuries were relatively uncommon.Now days, Automobile Accidents are the most common cause of Rib Injuries. More than 2 million car accidents annually result in blunt chest trauma.

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Rib Fractures – Broken Rib

rib cageA Rib Fracture or Broken Rib refers to a break in any of the 12 Rib Bones. Rib Fractures are the most common type of Rib Injury. About 10% of patients presenting to the emergency room with blunt chest trauma are confirmed to have at least one Rib Fracture and it is suspected that many more Rib Fractures go undetected.

1st Rib – 4th Rib Fracture– Fractures of the 1st Rib are very rare because the 1st Rib is very well protected by the Shoulder and ClavicleFractures to Rib 2 through Rib 4 are relatively rare because these Ribs are generally smaller and stronger than Ribs 5 throught Rib 12 – Fractures of the lower numbered Ribs is more likely to be associated with traumatic brain injury.

5th Rib – 10th Rib Fractures – Rib 5 through Rib 10 are the most commonRibs Fractured in blunt force trauma

11th – 12th Rib Fractures – Rib 11 and Rib 12 are most commonly injured with blunt force trauma to the lower back

Fractured Rib – Broken Rib – What to Expect

The severity and location of a Rib Fracture willl determine what can expected as far as healing and permanent residual problems. Most uncomplicated Rib Fractures heal within 6 to 12 weeks with little or no medical treatment. However, complicated Rib Fractures can result in a variety of more serious problems ranging from damage to internal organs to damage to the brachial plexus (most common with a Rib 1 Fracture).

Flail Chest refers to the Fracture of several consecutive Ribs. Flail Chest can be life threatening and requires immediate medical attention. There is a 50% mortality rate associated with Flail Chest. Essentially, part of the chest wall is separated from the rest of the chest wall and is floating freely in the body, which can lead to bruises on the lung (Pulmonary Contusions), which can be fatal.

Regardless of the complexity and location of the Fractured Rib, you can expect severe, nagging pain with every breath during the healing process. While many patients fully recover with no long-term pain, many Rib Fracture victims never return to 100% and have some long term physical impairment with accompanying pain.

Soft-Tissue Rib Injuries

Injuries to the muscles and soft-tissues surrounding the Ribs often accompany Rib Fractures. Unfortunately, the injuries to the soft-tissues surrounding the Ribs may be more resistent to fully recover from trauma and may result in permanent pain and limitations.

Treatment of Rib Injuries

The treatment of a Rib Fracture or Soft-Tissue Rib Injuries can include the following:

  • Immobilization
  • Physical Therapy
  • Massage Therapy
  • Ultrasound
  • Pain Medication and Muscle Relaxants
  • Surgery

Contact an Experienced Wisconsin Rib Injury Attorney

Each year innocent victims suffer Wisconsin Rib Injuries as a result of the carelessness of another. It is critical that Rib Injury victims have an attorney that understands Rib Injuries and the potential ongoing problems that can result from Rib Fractures and Soft-Tissue Rib Injuries.

If you or a loved one has sustained a Rib Injury due to the negligence of another, be sure to contact an experienced Wisconsin Rib Injury Attorney.

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