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Injury Attorney Milwaukee, Wisconsin – When an individual or a family member sustains a serious personal injury it is important for their attorney to have a deep understanding of the specific injury and what can be expected with the the injury victim’s recovery and future medical treatment needs. This is one of the main reasons our office has made the decision to limit our practice to certain types of injuries. In order to best serve our clients, we feel it is critical for us to stay abreast of the latest medical, scientific and technological advances in the diagnosis and treatment of certain types of injuries.

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The information below is designed to assist Wisconsin Personal Injury victims. It was developed based upon our experience handling personal injury cases on behalf of our clients. Rozek Law Offices is proud to have worked with some of the leading medical experts throughout Wisconsin and the United States in several different types of Wisconsin Personal Injury cases.

Rozek Law Offices has experience handling the following types of Wisconsin Injury Claims. We will continuously provide updated, relevant content about the following types of injuries:

Wisconsin Personal Injuries