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Brachial Plexus Injury Attorney in Wisconsin

A brachial plexus injury involves damage to the spinal cord nerves that extend into the arm. Essentially you can have extreme pain, sensory loss and motor loss. This means you will not be able to feel your arm and you won’t be able to move it. Unfortunately there is no cure for brachial plexus injuries. Some are able to be improved with surgery. Some unfortunately linger on.

An experienced brachial plexus injury attorney can provide you with great assistance going forward with your injury, getting you to the right medical providers with experience with such injuries and new medical techniques that can help you. They are also able to explain to the jury what the injury is, and what it means for you as someone that has suffered from a brachial plexus injury.

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Randy Rozek

Attorney and Owner of at Rozek Law Offices, SC
Randy has been helping to protect and rebuild the lives of his injured clients for nearly two decades. He is a nationally-recognized leader in the representation of brain injury survivors and he is regularly asked to speak to other lawyers around the country on brain injury related legal topics.
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