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Brain Injury Attorney, Wisconsin

Brain injuries in boxing could be a thing of the past as the British and Irish Boxing Authority recently incorporated Infra-Scanners.

The new scanners are an effort towards preventing disasters following head trauma in the sport. According to an article by the Daily Mail, the infra-red devices will detect brain bleeds with a 90 percent accuracy rate. The scanners are able to do this before symptoms like headaches or dizziness even occurs.

Another benefit to the Infra-Scanner – it only takes about three minutes to finish a scan. The scanners work by shining a laser beam into the head. In contrast, MRI scans take anywhere from 20-45 minutes to complete and require that a person be transported somewhere to undergo the scan.

“The equipment will be used for the first time at a BIBA sanctioned event in Bradford on February 26, and it is hoped that there will be ten units in operation in 2018,” the article reads. “It should be noted however that the British Boxing Board of Control, which sanctions most professional bouts in the UK, doesn’t recognize the BIBA, and instead will continue with its own investigations into brain injuries, though the equipment will be offered for use for any BBBoC fighter by the BIBA.”

In a statement on their website, BIBA vice president Gianluca Di Caro said they are extremely proud to be the first to introduce Infra-Scanners at events in the United Kingdom and Ireland, as they whole heartedly believe having them ringside will significantly prevent further tragedies within the sport of boxing.

Researchers hope that the equipment becomes commonly used widespread. If so, athletes who are injured seriously can be withdrawn from games/fights before it’s too late – therefore preventing further damage to the brain.

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