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Car accident Lawyer, Milwaukee Wisconsin

Responsive web design, mobile banking, online shopping apps – there’s no denying that technology is constantly improving. Lately, our world seems eerily like the animated sitcom world of “The Jetsons,” minus the flying cars of course (for now).

Consumers can get most things at the touch of a button. We can now order our groceries on an app, to be delivered to our home. We can pay for things by simply holding our phone up to be scanned at various stores. We plan our days, budget our accounts, store important information, take selfies, shop, read emails, receive calls, and scroll social media account news feeds – all on one tiny device called a smartphone.

According to, in 2009 about 2.5 billion people downloaded an app to their smartphone. In 2016, that number is more than 89 times higher – at 224.8 billion app downloads. estimates even more people will download apps this year, bringing the total to an estimated 268.7 billion app downloads worldwide.

Driving apps are no different. The new AAADrive tool on the AAAMobile app can monitor and score driving habits. The higher a person’s score, the better their driving habits are, according to an article by AAA.

In the article, AAA lists five good habits drivers should pay attention to. They’re also habits the new AAADrive tool can teach you.

The five habits are:

  1. Stay smooth.Keeping calm behind the wheel can increase your score on  The app can detect harsh braking and erratic speed changes.
  2. Don’t speed.AAADrive measures how well you drive at certain speeds. Exceeding 80 mph will reduce your score, even if you’re driving smoothly.
  3. Avoid distractions.AAADrive can tell whether you’re being distracted by phone calls, texting, or other phone movements. The app can recognize how long you’re on a call when driving and can detect movement of your phone if you’re using it to dial, text, or send emails.
  4. Watch the clock.Certain times of day are more dangerous for drivers than others (such as rush hour). If it’s possible to avoid driving during those times of day, it can help increase your score.
  5. Rest up.AAADrive calculates the time you spend driving on long journeys. Take breaks often to stay refreshed — and to up your score.
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