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If you’ve suffered a brain injury, one of the specialists you may be referred to is what’s called a speech-language pathologist. That is a specialist that will help the brain injury victim overcomes some of the common symptoms that they’re experiencing. As part of your appointment, there will be a formal assessment, which will involve completing a number of different tests, which will show the speech-language pathologist different areas of weakness you’re experiencing. Then throughout the appointment, there will be an informal assessment, which is the speech-language pathologist observing different types of problems that you may be having. Following a brain injury, the most common types of problems that one experiences involve cognitive communication problems. Those are different types of problems including word-finding difficulties, planning problems, organizational skills. A speech-language pathologist can help you in overcoming those types of problems. At Rozek Law Offices, we have experience dealing with speech-language pathologists, and the right treatment really helps.

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Randy Rozek

Attorney and Owner of at Rozek Law Offices, SC
Randy has been helping to protect and rebuild the lives of his injured clients for nearly two decades. He is a nationally-recognized leader in the representation of brain injury survivors and he is regularly asked to speak to other lawyers around the country on brain injury related legal topics.
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