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Wisconsin Brain Injury Attorney | Randy Rozek | Rozek Law Offices

If you’ve suffered from a brain injury, one of the specialists you’ll likely be referred to is a neuropsychologist, which is simply a psychologist specializing in brain disorders and brain injury. At your initial meeting with the neuropsychologist, you’ll be interviewed. One of the purposes of the interview is for the neuropsychologist to identify the types of symptoms you’re having. Based upon that interview, the neuropsychologist will then prepare a set of standardized tests to administer to you.

A typical test session will last anywhere from six to eight hours where you’ll attempt to complete different tests and based upon those test scores, the neuropsychologist can determine what deficits you have and what areas and prescribe the necessary treatment. After your test session, you’ll likely come back in the days or weeks that follow. The neuropsychologist will sit down with you and explain what it is that you’re having difficulty with and what areas they can help overcome those deficits. At Rozek law offices, we have experience dealing with neuropsychologists and we know some of the best in the country.

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Randy Rozek

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Randy has been helping to protect and rebuild the lives of his injured clients for nearly two decades. He is a nationally-recognized leader in the representation of brain injury survivors and he is regularly asked to speak to other lawyers around the country on brain injury related legal topics.
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