Best Wisconsin Attorney

Legally, Wisconsin Lawyers are prohibited from saying they are the “Best Wisconsin Attorney” or the “Best Lawyer in Wisconsin,” but that doesn’t stop them from implying the same thing.

It seems that no matter where you look: on TV; in the Yellow Pages; in the Newspaper, you will see lawyers advertising the fact that they have been selected as one of the “Best Lawyers in Wisconsin.” What is disturbing is that dozens, if not hundreds, of Wisconsin attorneys have all made the list of the “Best Lawyers in Wisconsin.”

It appears that since it is unethical for attorneys to claim they are the Best Lawyers in Wisconsin, they have found a loophole. Publications have sprung up with the specific intent to label attorneys in Wisconsin the “Best.” The lawyers then refer to this publication in order to get around the ethical dilemma they would face had they explicitly stated in their ad that they were the “Best Wisconsin Lawyer.

The bottom line is that before you hire someone that claims or implies that they are the Best Lawyer in Wisconsin, the Best Wisconsin Attorney, do your homework and make sure they have experience with your particular type of Accident and your particular Injury.

Rozek Law Offices is unique in the sense that we intentionally limit the number of clients we represent at any one time. We limit our representation in two ways: 1. By Type of Wisconsin Accident; and 2. by Type of Wisconsin Injury.

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