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Title: What is a Construction Site Injury?
Brain Injury Attorney Randy Rozek, founder of Rozek Law Offices, SC with offices in Madison and Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Attorney Rozek is one of the foremost authorities on traumatic brain injuries, and a nationally recognized brain injury attorney. In this video, Randy defines what constitutes construction site injuries.

What is a Construction Site Injury?

Construction sites in their very nature are dangerous premises, and the injuries can range from traumatic brain injury, spinal cord injury, fractures, injuries to the neck, back, spinal cord. Because construction sites are inherently dangerous because of the activity that goes on there, Wisconsin Law has unique laws that apply to a construction site accident.

You need a lawyer that understands construction site law and is experienced in determining who’s at fault, who’s in control of the construction site itself, and whether or not there are any third parties involved in the accident and can apply the specific Safe Place Statute under the Wisconsin Law to the construction site accident if you’ve been involved in one.

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Randy Rozek

Attorney and Owner of at Rozek Law Offices, SC
Randy has been helping to protect and rebuild the lives of his injured clients for nearly two decades. He is a nationally-recognized leader in the representation of brain injury survivors and he is regularly asked to speak to other lawyers around the country on brain injury related legal topics.
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