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If you’ve suffered a brain injury and you’re having vision problems, most likely, you’ll be referred to a neuro ophthalmologist. Some of the common visual disturbances following traumatic brain injury include light sensitivity, convergence disorder, blurred vision, seeing things in your visual field that aren’t actually there.
A neuro ophthalmologist can help identify these types of symptoms and provide the right treatment whether it be prisms, glasses, or certain types of medications, or possibly even surgery, likely your visual disturbances can be improved. At Rozek Law Offices, we’ve worked with some of the best neuro ophthalmologists around the country and they specialize in identifying and treating the visual disturbances following traumatic brain injury.

Neuro Ophthalmologist - Rozek Law Firm

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Randy has been helping to protect and rebuild the lives of his injured clients for nearly two decades. He is a nationally-recognized leader in the representation of brain injury survivors and he is regularly asked to speak to other lawyers around the country on brain injury related legal topics.
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